When Caterpillars Become Butterflies: That Time We Mail-Ordered Bugs

Every time a kid’s birthday party approaches, my sister-in-law LizE asks what they would like, and usually I instruct, “You just do you.” Because she just happens to be the best gift giver on the planet. When my kids were babies, I suspected this was because of her career as an occupational therapist, where she helps kids develop their motor and fine motor skills. Because of this, she is required to know, in a noncommercial way, what makes a toy a good toy—engaging, developmentally appropriate, and helpful in some way that I would never suspect because the kids loved the things so darn much. But as the kids have gotten older and are moving beyond her professional expertise, she continues to deliver. So now I know for sure that she is so good at giving gifts because of a huge amount of thoughtfulness, which makes up the core of who she is. Continue reading