A Child's Love of Books

Since Wally was able to crawl toward books, he has at every opportunity. At 12 months old, he would find the mouse on every page of "Goodnight Moon". At 15 months he'd be too quiet out of my sight for a while, and I'd find him surrounded by a pile of books he was paging through. By 20 months old, when he started talking, he had entire books memorized. He gets this love of books from me—evidenced…

"I'm Yours", WV's favorite song

Several months ago, Wally started occasionally talking and saying, "I...no...no...I...am...no...more...no...more...I...hmmm...", and eventually I picked up on the fact that this talking with pauses was, in fact, him singing "I'm Yours," by Jason Mraz. The "no more"s gave it away. This song was one that came up here and there on our favorite Pandora stations, and he had decided that he liked this…

Family fun time

In the weeks leading up to Vivi's birth, I experienced what probably most pregnant moms of toddlers go through--the feeling that this is the end of my time as a mother of one. The end of before. The end of my time with my one and only--before my heart's capacity is doubled up. We had a lot of fun as a family of three. Of course, there is plenty of space for one more in all of these activities,…

WV sings the alphabet song

Tonight Wally Ottenhoff and I were singing the alphabet and heard WV say the "LMNOP" part, so I paused more to discover he usually knew the next letter. Then when I filmed this video, I expected to feed him a few letters at a time, but he just decided to take it away on his own. What an odd little memory he has. And of course, people, we realize that most of these are not actual letters. I…

Baby Workout Video—WV's 6 Week 6 Pack

Wally IV and I were doing Jillian Michael's 6 Week Six Pack workout, so several times a week Wally Ben watched us each work out for a half an hour. He loved to watch, especially while eating lunch, since he has a clear view of the living room from his high chair. Food and the entertainment of a parent flailing around—what's not to like? If he was running free, he sometimes liked to join whoever…

Wally Ben speaks full sentences?

Wally Ben, at 16 months old, has just started speaking. Sort of. But we caught some of it on video, and I think I've interpreted what he's saying correctly. He may disagree...

He does the Monster Mash!

Wally Ben was learning to walk a few weeks ago, when he decided to try to walk and dance at the same time. Happy Halloween! Wally Ben's Monster Mash from Meet The Otts on Vimeo.

Wally Ben's Smear Ad: Who Is This Guy?

Finally, a negative political ad that you want to see! Wally Ben: Who is this guy? Is this the kind of guy you want in office? Learn more about all the reasons you shouldn't vote for him.

Wally Ben Learns to Clap in Silver Lake!

Wally Ben Claps! from Meet The Otts on Vimeo.

Wally Ben Laughs At His Dad: Video

Wally Ben Laughs At His Dad from Meet The Otts on Vimeo.